Strengthening the Community We Love 


A lot has changed at the Y over this past year, but our commitment has remained the same - to always be here for our community when people need us most, with open arms and caring hearts.

When the devastating effects of COVID-19 swept across the country and landed on our doorsteps, we quickly mobilized. Thanks to the unwavering support of our members, volunteers and donors like you, our YMCA has been able to continue offering people a critical lifeline as we work to help our community recover and thrive. Your generosity has helped make our work possible, and we cannot thank you enough for your support as we navigate these challenging times together.

Now, as we launch our 2021 Annual Support Campaign, we’re asking again for your help. 

My partner and I are both essential workers. We both work full time and work many extra hours of overtime, but during this unprecedented time we just weren’t making ends meet. The uncertainty of where the money was going to come from and how bills were going to be paid was overwhelming. We ended up speaking with the YMCA and they requested we fill out the scholarship  form. We were very quickly accepted and relieved at how much it helped. It has taken so much stress away and I can finally focus on the important things! The time he spends there is the only time he gets to see friends and release his energy. Our son absolutely loves the YMCA! We are forever grateful!


Gifts from our community partners made this story possible. Together, we can provide a Y membership for those struggling with chronic disease; child care for parents who need to go to work; a safe, nurturing space for kids to attend school remotely; and outreach to seniors who are feeling isolated. Because strong communities are built by people who care about one another.


HOW: DONATE HERE! Or Donations can be mailed to: GS YMCA, C/O Meghan Carnevale, 706 N. Blakely Street, Dunmore, PA 18512

 CONTACT: For more information, visit or contact Meghan Carnevale,, or (570) 828-3113