Your Nurse Program


The Your Nurse program is an individualized exercise program for adults needing or desiring a healthcare professional to oversee their health and wellness journey. An RN works directly with you, your doctor and a team of certified personal trainers to ensure you participate in cardiovascular fitness safely. The mode, intensity, duration and frequency of exercise is personalized to your safe limits and adjusted as necessary for constant progression. 


Enrollment Includes:

  • A 60 minute evaluation with the nurse will be performed during your first appointment.
  • Your primary doctor will be contacted with the results of the initial evaluation.
  • An individualized program for weight and health goals, along with an exercise routine will be established by the combined efforts of the RN and certified personal trainers.
  • Your program will be provided to your physician.
  • You can exercise with your trainers up to three times weekly during program hours.
  • Your vital signs are taken before, during and after exercise.
  • Blood glucose testing is available, as needed.
  • You will receive monthly EKGs, body composition analysis and progress reports.

Program Cost:

  • Member - $20 monthly
  • Non-Member - $40 monthly

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Your RN collects your health history, list of medications and allergies.
  • Step 2: Your RN performs a 12 lead EKG and tests your blood pressure, O2 levels and heart rate.
  • Step 3: Your RN provides you with your analysis and discusses behavior modifications.
  • Step 4: Your RN will determine your target heart rate and provide guidelines for safe exercise.
  • Step 5: Your team of trainers create a personalized exercise program based on your RN’s guidelines.
  • Step 6: Your trainers teach you how to perform exercises and use equipment properly and safely.


To learn more about the YMCA's Your Nurse Program, please contact Brandon Whipple at 570-828-3116 or bwhipple@greaterscrantonymca.org.