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The Greater Scranton YMCA keeps our promise to serve the community by making our programs, services and facilities available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. The YMCA scholarship Program brings this commitment to life. Individual and corporate contributions, coupled with proceeds from our Annual Support Campaign, makes the YMCA Scholarship Program possible for people who need it most. Because of the YMCA Scholarship Program, a family in need gains peace of mind knowing that their child is safe under our care; teens interact with and receive support from caring mentors and individuals; and families receive needed social services. The YMCA Scholarship Program subsidizes a YMCA membership on a needs-based sliding scale, based on family size and income. Financial assistance is easy and confidential. Simply complete our application and contact/visit the Greater Scranton YMCA.

A YMCA Scholarship reduces membership/child care/ program fees; it does not eliminate them. All YMCA Scholarships will be granted for 12 months. The YMCA requires that individuals and families reapply annually, with updated documentation. Membership/child care/program fees are subject to change. If you do not reapply at the time requested, your membership/child care/program scholarship will expire. Please contact the YMCA if you have any questions.