1. Youth ages twelve (12) and under must be supervised by an adult at all times while at the YMCA.  Unless the child is participating in an organized YMCA program and supervised by staff.  Child Watch (ages 6 months to 8 years) & Exergames (ages 8 & older) is available at posted hours for parents of this age of children to enable the parent to utilize the YMCA programs and facilities.

  2. Youth ages thirteen (13) and older are allowed to use the facility without parent supervision but the YMCA staff does not take responsibility for their coming and going from the YMCA.  A waiver must be signed by both the child and parent/guardian and kept on file.

  3. Youth seventeen (17) and under are to use the Universal Locker Room.

  4. NO YOUTH EVER DENIED. The Greater Scranton YMCA Board of Directors has determined that a child may belong to the YMCA regardless of income or family situation.  If you know of a child who would like to have a membership but cannot obtain one, please notify the YMCA.

  5. The Greater Scranton YMCA has adopted a no-tolerance policy.  The first behavior offense: fighting, stealing, sneaking in the YMCA, blatant disrespect to others, foul language, etc., will cause the immediate removal from all YMCA programs and facilities for up to three months.  A meeting between the YMCA staff, the offending youth and their parents is required for reinstatement to the YMCA. A second offense after being reinstated will cause permanent exclusion from all YMCA programs and facilities.

  6. Non-members desiring entrance to the YMCA must pay the appropriate day fee, sign the visitor waiver and provide ID if over 18.